29 de Septiembre del 2014
Being a foreigner
Being a foreigner

Mi experiencia estudiantil

lissette torres

Chile, Santiago

I lived for 8 months in New York City, it was the first time away from my family and Ecuador. This experience influenced me deeply, but it was until I moved to Chile that I’ve realized how much it had affected me.

My experience as a foreigner, both in New York and in Santiago, was not very appealing at first: Everything I loved and cared was left in Ecuador, it felt like starting from scratch: a new home, neighbors, language (in Santiago they speak a very different variation of the Spanish I am use to), and loneliness. You have to constantly explain who you are and what your intentions are to not be perceived as a threat.

We have come to understand and accept that we become a different person, being away from norms, traditions and the culture back home, it feels like we have the opportunity to redesign ourselves. Life begins to look different and we start to rebuild our spirit. We open our minds; we think that if we change, we will improve our home, our country, which we dearly miss!

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