29 de Septiembre del 2014
Mono con Gallinas
Mono con Gallinas

Cine Ecuatoriano

lissette torres

Chile, Santiago

Mono con Gallinas is a film directed by Alfredo León León which premiered in September 2013. It is based on the life of Jorge León Chávez when he was a young soldier who, unexpectedly, finds himself in the middle of the jungle as an inexperienced soldier during the 1941 war against Peru. Much of the story is a fictional reconstruction of the experiences of Jorge during the war. He was imprisoned for 9 months by the Peruvian army and was presumed dead by the Ecuadorian.

Mono con Gallinas is not about the war itself, rather it is the story of the captivity of Jorge, a young Ecuadorian who is confident that his military experience will provide him with recognition and respect. But the reality is very different; he faces abandonment, hunger, death, and nature, but especially, human nature.

Captive in an enemy camp, he has have to choose between being a nationalist patriot, or to be only human, when he discovers that his enemies are not what he expected to be.

Foto: monocongallinas.com

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