29 de Septiembre del 2014
Toño Valencia
Toño Valencia

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Chile, Santiago

Luis Antonio “Toño” Valencia is an Ecuadorian soccer player who plays as a winger for Manchester United and is the current captain of the Ecuadorian national team. He is considered the best and most significant Ecuadorian soccer player in the history of the country. Valencia was born on August 4, 1985 in Lago Agrio, near the city of Nueva Loja, Ecuador, which is located in the Amazon rainforest.

He is well known for his security, intelligence, speed and order, the latter being the most important, his style of play is to maintain possession of the ball in addition to his excellent short and long distance passing and centers.

His began his professional career at El Nacional de Quito where along Christian “Chucho” Benitez they won their first club title. In 2005 he played his first game with the Ecuadorian Senior National Team, where he scored two of the five goals against Paraguay.

Soon after, he signed for Villareal CF and later with the Wigan Athetic in the English Premier League. In June 2009, after declining a move to Real Madrid, he signed a four-year contract with the Manchester United which was renewed in 2011.

He is among the best and fastest wingers in the world.

Photo: www.zimbio.com

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