02 de Octubre del 2014
Lulo: the exotic Amazonian
Lulo: the exotic Amazonian


jorge paredes

Estados Unidos, Tucson

Natural from the Amazon basin, the unique flavor of the naranjilla or lulo (Solanum quitoense) has seduced Europeans; exportation from Ecuador grows every year and so do these exotic plants in extreme weather conditions.

S. quitoense was given its scientific name since type species were first collected from the eastern slope of the Andes, near Quito (Ecuador´s capital). High precipitation levels of these regions water narajillas the whole year, ensuring normal development.

Not only flavor uniqueness but morphology awesomeness, flower buds in narajillas range from white to purple in dependence of the variety. Leaves are also particular -covered with spines for protection against herbivores-, a single bite might contain enough alkaloids to kill any intruder!

Photo: Courtesy of Ana Mireya Guerrero G.

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