04 de Julio del 2014
Retirement Paradise
Retirement Paradise

Ecuador en Medios Internacionales

david salinas

Australia, Adelaide

A news report published in March 2013 on ABC News (American Broadcasting Company) revealed that some 4.000 Americans have found paradise to retire in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Affordable and quality living have attracted Americans retirees mostly to Cuenca. Remarkably some claim their living budged has decreased dramatically, from $8000 to $1800 per month. Also mentioning that Cuenca has exceeded their expectations in regards to life quality.

Hence, these phenomenon is a great opportunity for Ecuador to boost it's tourism industry. Firstly because, media news reports from a confident source are highly credible and pervasive in the market, reaching many people at zero cost. Secondly, is an opportunity to build a positive destination image based on third party opinions and thirdly, tourism numbers may increase due to visitation of relatives. Overall, Ecuador's destination image may be reinforced, changed or built as one of ‘Paradise on Earth’, ‘Happiness after-all’, ‘The Golden Ages’ and ‘Affordable Quality’.

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