15 de Julio del 2014
Deutsch Lernen!!
Deutsch Lernen!!

Mi experiencia estudiantil

johanna rodriguez

Reino Unido, Manchester

I am full undergraduate science student, and I am really passionate about my career as I would love to become an active researcher after I finished my phD studies. It seems a long way to go, but in the meantime I decided to study German as part of my extracurricular activities at the University of Manchester.

I really enjoy learning about foreing languages and cultures because you can understand people's live perspectives. It is not easy to start a third language in your second language, but it is not impossible. I can state that it is more easy to learn German if you have previous knowledge of English.

I am really enthusiastic about this language as you can find a lot scientific information and articles that are not in Spanish or English yet. The importance of a language as a scientific tool is essential to diffuse and create knowledge. I already got my first official Goethe Certificate, and I am so excited about the following years because I want to continue with this extracurricular activity that will develop more than a language skill.
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