17 de Julio del 2014
Summer Internship
Summer Internship

Mi experiencia estudiantil

johanna rodriguez

Reino Unido, Manchester

I started my summer internship a few days ago, and it will last eight weeks. I am so excited about it because I will learn a lot of from all the researchers and PhD students that will be involved in this project called "Linking physiological traits of amphibians: corticosterone, peptides and symbiotic bacteria".

The investigation is realised in red-eyed tree frogs with the main objective of understand amphibian immunity and then probably develop some potential drug treatments based in the analysis and results.

Even though I am an undergraduate student, I really want to put in practice all the laboratory techniques that I have learnt during the last two years in Manchester. It will be really beneficial for me as I will understand new material related to the laboratory field as peptide synthesis, endocrinology tests, animal handling, and among others.

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