18 de Julio del 2014
Lake District National Park
Lake District National Park

Mi experiencia estudiantil

johanna rodriguez

Reino Unido, Manchester

A field trip organised by the Society of Biology at the University of Manchester allowed to me go to one of the best places to explore in the Cumbria Region of England. Although it was part of an Ecology class in order to collect some samples for a laboratory class, I really enjoyed the train trip in the company of my classmates.

The teacher divided the whole class into four groups in order to collect all the samples. I was with two Italians, two Germans, one Japanese girl, a Spanish boy and a few English. It was really funny because my Japanese friend called Mai was amazed when she saw a flock of sheeps (she told me it was the first time in her life she had seen one). After five minutes taking pictures, we continued on our way. We did not know that, at the end of our visit, everybody would be covered by mud (except the Spaniard, who was making fun of the rest). But the funniest part of our day was when an Italian girl, almost at the end of the walk, flip over a mud puddle and was all covered by mud (I still laugh when I remember that moment).

But this trip was more than just fun, we learnt a lot about British flora and fauna and we cooperate among the members of our group in order to collect as many samples as possible. Furthermore, this experience helped us to know not only each other better in an environment outside university, but also to find ourselves in the nature, and gather strenght to continue our courses. I will always remember this experience, also because, when we arrive at the top of the mountain I closed my eyes and I remembered my beloved Quito, with its awesome mountains and its marvellous valleys.

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