21 de Julio del 2014
Jorge Icaza Coronel
Jorge Icaza Coronel

Personajes Ecuatorianos

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Reino Unido, Manchester

He was born in Quito, Ecuador, and he is definitely one of the best representatives of social realism in Ecuador. His novels reflect a huge sense of criticism related to indigenous people and politics. He studied drama at The Central University of Ecuador, and his first drama called The dictator was not allowed to the public due to his harsh critiques.

One of his most famous novels was Huasipungo and El chulla Romero y Flores which denounced a great injustice among the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. Huasipungo was translated to many languages and was a true icon in the golden age of social realism in Latin America in the twentieth century. 

Jorge Icaza was also ambassador in the Soviet Union, Poland and the Democratic Republic of Germany. He died in Quito on 26th May 1978.

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