25 de Julio del 2014
Vicente Rocafuerte y Rodríguez de Bejarano
Vicente Rocafuerte y Rodríguez de Bejarano

Personajes Ecuatorianos

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Reino Unido, Manchester

Vicente Rocafuerte was the second president of Ecuador and one of the principals figures during the wars of independence in Ecuador and Latin America. He participated in numerous mobilizations against Juan José Flores due to he had a strong republican and liberal ideologies.

Vicente Rocafuerte created a second Ecuadorian constitution in 1835 and also abolished taxes for some indigenous people. Vicente Rocafuerte was a true politician as he had many diplomatic charges since young age. He was a deputy in Cadiz with José Joaquín de Olmedo, and also ministry in Mexico and Hannover. After he finished his presidency (1835-1839), he was appointed as governor of Guayaquil. He died in Lima on May 1847. His body is buried in the General Cemetery of Guayaquil after he was repatriated from Lima.

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