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Juan León Mera Martínez
Juan León Mera Martínez

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Juan León Mera was born in Ambato on June, 1832. He was a novelist, politician, painter and a follower of French Romanticism. His childhood was hard due to his father abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. He founded the Ecuadorian Academy of Literature and he also was part of the Conservator Party in Ecuador.

Although he had a lot of economical difficulties, Juan León Mera studied painting with the famous artist Antonio Salas in Quito. When he was twenty-three years old, he wrote the lyrics of the National Anthem of the Republic of Ecuador, but his most recognised work is the novel "Cumandá" which tells about a love drama between two indigenous siblings in the Amazon that do not know about their kinship.

Most of his novels relates a history about indigenous people as in the poem "La Virgen del Sol" which is in verse and it is related to "Cumandá". He also had a strong political inclination in favour of Gabriel García Moreno. Moreover he had several political charges as governor of the province of Cotopaxi, senator and president of the National Congress. He died in Ambato on December, 1894.

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