04 de Agosto del 2014
Come to Delfincocha and swim with pink dolphins
Come to Delfincocha and swim with pink dolphins

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johanna rodriguez

Reino Unido, Manchester

Delfincocha, which means "Lake of Dolphins", is one of a few places in the Earth that you can find pink doplhins and swim with them in the river. It is located in the province of Sucumbíos in the Amazonic region of Ecuador, and it is part of the Cuyabeno National Park.

The pink dolphin is a species that only lives in the Amazon river as its perfect weather and the river water proportionates all the necessary requirements to the development of these animal species. In order to go there, it is necessary to go through the city of Lago Agrio (capital of Sucumbíos) and the community of Tarapoa.

This place is just amazing because you not only have the unique opportunity to swim with pink dolphins, but also to see all the flora and fauna that the beautiful Ecuadorian Amazon can offer to the world. It is one of the places in the Earth that everyone must know.

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