07 de Agosto del 2014
Rocko & Blasty - Besitos de Colores
Rocko & Blasty - Besitos de Colores

Música Ecuatoriana

johanna rodriguez

Reino Unido, Manchester

Rocko & Blasty are two brothers from Guayaquil who started their career in 2006. Alejandro Chávez González (Rocko) has a degree in Industrial Psychology and loves to compose its own music while Gosue Melchiade González (Blasty) studies Social Communication and plays the piano and the guitar. Both of them conform the new music revelation of the urban music style in Ecuador.

These brothers mix their talent in order to get a good quality of music that makes you dance easily without thinking about it. The fusion of rap, reggaeton and other Latin rhythms as merengue are part of their repertoire. The versatility and originality of their music have conquered many funs in Ecuador and Latin America. The song "Besitos de Colores" or "Colourful Kisses" is a very rhythmic and romantic song that I hope you enjoy it.

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