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Juan Montalvo
Juan Montalvo

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Juan María Montalvo Fiallos was born in Ambato, Ecuador on April 13th 1832. He was a brilliant Ecuadorian novelist and essayist that had a liberal thinking against anticlericalism. He made strong critiques against the ex-president Gabriel García Moreno through his first novel called "The Cosmopolitan" which had international prestigious in the 19th century.

He had a degree in Jurisprudence, but his passion about literature, history and philosophy transformed him in one of the best representatives of Ecuadorian literature. He also had a public charge in the embassies of Italy and France when he had only twenty years old. His most famous novels are "The Cosmopolitan", "Las Catalinarias" and "Moral Geometry".

Juan Montalvo was a servant of his thoughts and convictions. Nowadays the day of the Ecuadorian teacher is celebrated each April 13th in his honour. He died in Paris, but his rests were embalmed in his natal city of Ambato.

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