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Manuela Cañizares
Manuela Cañizares

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Manuela Cañizares y Álvarez was born on August 27th of 1769. She was one the first heroines of the Independence of Ecuador. She was a woman with a very strong character that participated actively in the process of independence. The night of August 09th of 1809 Manuela hosted a reunion with thirty-eight guests in order to declare the next day the independence of the Spanish Empire.

Her parents were Miguel Bermúdez Cañizares and Isabel Álvarez y Cañizares. Her ideologies caused her a lot economic problems, but she never gave up. Her friendship with Manuel Rodríguez de Quiroga was decisive in order to join the cause of independence.

After the Revolution of Quito was produced, she was sentenced to death by the local authorities of that time. She escaped to a friend's house, but she died four years later in 1814. The General Eloy Alfaro founded the first lay high school of Ecuador for the feminine education in her honour, and it was called Manuela Cañizares High School.

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