17 de Agosto del 2014
Miguel de Santiago
Miguel de Santiago

Personajes Ecuatorianos

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Miguel de Santiago was born in Quito, Ecuador between 1620 and 1633. He was a brilliant Ecuadorian painter from the 'Escuela Quiteña' in the 17th century. He was adopted by Hernando de Santiago and furthermore he took his last name due to his father died when he was just a child.

His wife was Andrea de Cisneros y Alvarado. His first job was ordered by Basilio de Rivera from the Convent of Saint Augustine. He painted fourteen paintings about the Saint Bishop of Hipona. At that time, he was considered one of the best painters due to his great architectonic structures and atmospheric distances.

His most famous paintings are related with a religious character as for example: 'The life of Saint Augustine, 'The Christian Doctrine', 'The Immaculate', and others. He died in 1706 and he was buried in the Convent of Saint Augustine in the city of Quito, Ecuador.

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