18 de Septiembre del 2014
The Three Sides of Ecuador - The New York Times
The Three Sides of Ecuador - The New York Times

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This week, The New York Times, a renowned worldwide newspaper, in the Travel section published the article “The Three Sides of Ecuador.” Michelle Higgins writes about the different "sides" of Ecuador, from snow-capped Andes Mountains, Amazon rain forests, sun-soaked Pacific beaches and the Galápagos Islands. This story is about a 9 day journey to beaches, mountains and Ecuadorian colonial cities. This voyage begins travelling north on the Spondyous Route, which is compared to California’s Pacific Coast Highway, visiting Montañita, Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata, La Playa los Frailes in the Machalilla National Park. Then, they return to Guayaquil, travel to Cuenca to visit its historical center—a Unesco World Heritage site—lastly they venture into Cajas National Park.

This article highlights how diverse, rich and beautiful our country is and how most foreigners miss on the opportunities to visit the small wonders hidden between the most visited touristic places.

Below is a picture of the article and the link where it could be found.

Photo: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/14/travel/three-sides-of-ecuador.html

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